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OrchestraRx is a modern prescription drug management company focused on flexibility, transparency, consumerism and technology to deliver service that is aligned with our clients needs.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service through our data-driven capabilities and modern technology infrastructure. Our industry-leading, technology and service platform deliver prescription management services to health plans, employers, providers, and patients. Through this technology we have been able to make advancements in the administration and management of opioid abuse, coupon and rebate application, and prescription drug reimbursement.

OrchestraRx 's core philosophy and business practice is anchored to being:

  1. 100% Transparent & Pass-Through on both cost and "rebates" via our obligations in our client agreements.

  2. Flexible - Our nimble claims platform accommodates standard co-pays, member co-pay banks, coinsurance, CDHPs, Reference-Based Pricing, and Condition-based formularies, Retail @ 90, and no mandatory Mail or Specialty Pharmacy to name a few options.

  3. Technology-friendly - We leverage the best technologies to continuously deliver meaningful programs to our client-partners.

We do not own any pharmacies i.e. retail, mail, or specialty, so there is no conflict of interest. This unique positioning allows us to deliver competitive reimbursements from our network of over 70,000 retail and independent pharmacies nationwide who partner with us to deliver a community-based approach to care with conveniences available of home delivery from your choice of pharmacy.

OrchestraRx is committed to creating a symphony of alignment, lower cost, and improved health outcomes through our core philosophy we deliver to the market.




Curious what we have been up to while everyone else is complaining about rising Rx cost and PBM lawsuits? See below for yourself some of our solutions and approaches. If you would like to learn more say




We are smart, passionate, and impatient benefits & technology experts. Why wait for innovation, transparency, and flexibility to come from somewhere else? Did I mention we are motivated to deliver results for our client partners? With scores of collective years in pharma, benefits and technology we felt who better to do this than us!

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